Famous Singer Selena Gomez’s Grandmother Shares her Gorgeous Childhood Picture’s

Selena gomez latest news

Famous Singer Selena Gomez’s Grandmother Shares her Gorgeous Childhood Picture’s:

There’s a darn good reason Selena Gomez was able to become a star as a child actress because she was so damn cute!. her mentranel grandmother Debbie jean Gibson Pulled out an old photo of the 26-year-old as little girl,

alongside two of her cousins and shared it on her instagram on April 4. The pic looks like it was taken around Christmastime as light can be seen inside the family home along with graland atop the fireplace behinde the girls.

Selena gomez latest news
Selena gomez latest news

Saleena looks to be about year old in the photo, and the smile on her face is so dazzling she was definitely meant for stardom in the pic Salena’s wearing a white short-saleeved blouse and jean while on holding a to younger female cousin who is seen in a red trutleneck and demin overalls.

A blound female cousin who appears to be a Midson Gage in seen similing next to the future singing superstar. It looks like they’re all happy at home in sel’s native texas for the holidays eith the cozzy living room surroundings.

while Salena has a whopping 148million instagram followers, her grandma Debbie only has 37k, so it’s only her colest friends and superfans that follow the account. sel’s close pal and assistant Theresa Mingus liked the pic as well as just over 1k other in two hour since Debbie shared it.

Selena gomez latest news
Selena gomez latest news

Many were struck with just woh darn cute Sel was a child. “omg little baby @salenagomez so freaking adorable” one fan wrote in the comments while anther added “Beautiful. oh salena, you are beautiful”. also the other small ones. “THIS IS TO CUTE OMG I M GONNA CRY” one fan gushed while another asked if the year the pic was taken in was 2002.

That was year that Salena Got her big acting break, appearing as a regular on Barney and friends as Gianna when she was 10. After she aged out of that show when she was 12, she later got gigs on the Disney channel show, eventually leading to starring role in The Wizards of Waverly place which rocketed sel to teen stardom.

And the rest in history as she’s now one of the biggest stars in the world and the most followed women on instagram.

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