Pakistani Richest Man Shahid Khan Success Story | Pakistani Billionaire Shahid Khan

Pakistani Richest Man Shahid Khan Success Story


Shahid Khan Pakistani Richest Man Childhood :

Shahid Khan  (شاہد خان‎) is the Pakistani-American Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and the owner of Jacksonville Jaguars. Also known as the Shad Khan, the owner of Flex-N-Gates (automobile parts manufacturer) in Urbana, Illinois and the English Football League Championship Team Fulham F.C. He is the richest person of Pakistani Origin. Famous Shahid Khan Jaguars owner was born on July 18, 1950, in Lahore, Pakistan, he belonged to a middle-class family. Shahid Khan’s mothers was a professor of mathematics. At the age of sixteen, Shahid Khan moved to California, the United States for his studies.

The enrolled in the University of Illinois, but he was unable to get a room in the dormitory and he spent his first and second night in the room of University. He found the first job in a hotel as a cleaner & washing dishes which paid him $1.3/hour. In 1971, he graduated with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from UIUC College of Engineering. Shahid Khan started working in FLEX-N-GATES. After graduation, he became the engineering director at FLEX-N-GATES.

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Khan was the pioneer of Bumper Work and specialized in making car bumpers. Shahid Khan Soon blueprinted a company named Bumper Works. In 1980, he also acquired the Flex-N Gates company from the former employee of company Charles Gleason Butzow and they combined their companies. After the success of the venture, in 1991, Shahid Khan became the US citizen.

Within four years Khan became the only supplier for the entire Toyota line in the United States. The company has grown from the US $17 million to the US $1.8 billion in 2010. The company had around 400 employees and 45 manufacturing plants in the United States, the company took in $3 billion revenue in 2011.

owner of the jaguars

owner of the Jaguars. Shahid Khan

Jaguars Owner Shahid Khan :

Jaguars Owner Shahid Khan purchased an NFL (National Football League) the team came in February 2010. He purchased Jacksonville Jaguars from Wayne Weavers and his group, awaiting NFL approval. Khan was always fascinated by sports, he had a great interest in cricket. The Jaguars deal finalized in January 2012 as an estimated US $760 million. Khan was the first member of an ethnic minority and also the board member of the NFL Foundation.

Jaguars owner

Jaguars owner. Shahid Khan Pakistan Billionaire

Fulham F.C:

 Moving ahead in 2013, Shahid Khan invested his fortune buying the London Soccer Club of the Premier League from its previous owner Mohamed Al Fayed. The deal was finalized in the same year (2013), around £150 to 200 million. The official purchase price was not announced it has been kept confidential.

Shahid Khan is highly appreciated for his philanthropist. Khan donated around $500,000 to the foundation of children and families. More than 11,000 charitable tickets were also donated by the foundation.


Shahid Khan Billionaire

Shahid Khan Billionaire wife

Shahid Khan Personal Life:

Shahid Khan married his college sweetheart Ann Carlos Khan in 1977. They had met at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The couple has two children one son and one daughter (Shanna Khan and Tony Khan). The whole family lives in Naples, Florida, US.

Shahid Khan Pakistani Billionaire:

Shahid Khan also ranked 170th in the list of 500 richest Americans. Shahid Khan is the richest person in Pakistan with an estimated US $8.7 billion (2017). Khan was awarded the University of Illinois and Distinguished Alumnus Award. Shahid Khan is the symbol of success and clear example of a human potential.

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Shahid khan Quotes:

1.  ”My experience tells me the hard road is almost always the right road.”

2. ”You have to learn and change, no matter how successful you are.

3. ”Effects of cupid’s arrow u experience pain. That pain. Either makes you or withers you.

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