Steve Ballmer Success Story & Biography: Former CEO of Microsoft

Steve Ballmer Success Story & Biography

steve ballmer biogrpahy
steve ballmer biogrpahy

Steve Ballmer Success Story:

Steve Ballmer full name is Steven Anthony “Steve” Ballmer. He is the American Computer programmer, Internet entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Best known as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Microsoft and the owner of Los Angeles Clippers. He was born on March 24, 1956, in Detroit. He is the son of Frederic Henry Ballmer and Beatrice Dworkin his father was the manager of Ford Motor Company. His family was from Belarus and his mother was Jewish. He attended the Detroit Country Day School that is the private college in Beverly Hills, Michigan. He was the National Merit Scholar and got 800 on the mathematical section of the SAT. He enrolled the Harvard University and applied for economics and mathematics in 1977.

steve ballmer biogrpahy
steve ballmer biogrpahy

He was the lover of football while he was at Harvard University he was the manager of the Crimson Football team. He was the class fellow of world’s richest person, owner of Microsoft “Bill Gates”. He dropped out from Harvard and start working as an assistant manager at Procter & Gamble. Later he started an office with his best friend Jeffrey R Immelt, who later became the CEO of General Electric. In 1978 Steve Ballmer enrolled at Stanford Graduate School and again he dropped out from the School and he joined Microsoft. He joined the company on 11 June 1980, he was the first business manager which was hired by Bill Gates. Bill Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft and now Microsoft is the largest company in the world. He takes $50,000 salary per month, within few months he owned eight percentage of the company and he sold 19.3 million Microsoft shares in 2003. Steve Ballmer is one of the main men who is the responsible of the .Net Frameworks which is most important software development code that is used in many systems, and he was promoted to the president of Microsoft.

Uw Social Work
Uw Social Work

Chief Executive Officer (CEO of Microsoft):

Steve Ballmer was announced the new CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Microsoft on Jan 13, 2000. He handled all the finance, product operations. In 2005, he announced “B. Kevin Turner” is the new COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Microsoft. B. Kevin Turner was the CEO and president of Sam’s Club. Under the Ballmer Microsoft total revenue was the estimated US $25 billion to $ 72 billion. As the CEO of Microsoft Ballmer was acquired Skype for the US $ 8.5 billion on May 10, 2011.

Sateya Nadella | CEO of Microsoft
Bill Gates | Co-Founder of Microsoft

On August 23, 2013, Steve Ballmer announced his retirement as Microsoft CEO after losing billions of dollars in acquisitions and on the Surface tablets. Now Sateya Nadella is the new CEO of Microsoft. He is an Indian-American Internet entrepreneur and computer programmer. Steve Ballmer hosted his last meeting with Microsoft in September 2013.

Uw school of social work:

Uw School of social work program students gets supported by Steve Ballmer. Due to the support offered by Steve Ballmer to the graduate students of the University of Washington, The students now have a greater opportunity of focusing solely on their studies rather they the source of the school fee.

uw school of social work
uw school of social work

L.A Clipper:

Los Angeles Clipper (L.A Clipper) is a team owned by Steve  Ballmer which he purchased for US $2.0 billion dollars for NBA officially becoming the owner of L.A Clipper 12th of august 2014.

Steve Ballmer Personal Life:

In 1992, Steve Ballmer married Connie Snyder, she is an American lady born on 1 Sep 1962, they have three sons and live in Hunts Point, Washington. Ballmer is the 28th richest person in the world. His net worth is an estimated US $22.2 billion. He earned $1,276,658 while CEO of Microsoft. He donated up to $45 million to the University of Oregon in November 2014.

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Steve Ballmer Quotes:

1.  ”I do not know what a monopoly is until somebody tell me.”

2. ”There is no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance.”

3. ”Passion is the thing that you find in your life that you can care about, that you can cling to, that you can invest yourself in, heart, body, and soul. ”

4. ”Great companies in the way they work to start with great leaders.”

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